Monday, August 30, 2010

Just another spa day

My friend Angela and I went to the spa at the Icon Brickell (aka the Viceroy) this past saturday for a Miami Spa Month. And it was "Eh." I had the 75 minute Quenched facial, which I was actually quite excited about. But instead of my fabulous $99 steal of a facial, my therapist attempted to "up sell" me not once, but TWICE while I was naked under my sheet. First it was the "would you like microdermabrasion? That's $55 extra." No thank you miss, please continue with your crappy shoulder and neck massage instead. Then after some lovely tingly exfoliation treatment on my face, she told me that I really needed some extractions done. Ok hun, have at it I told her. Just watch out for my nose piercing scar on the left side of my nose. "Ok, we need to do some extractions, that is $25." EXCUSE ME?????? Oh I'm sorry, I've never had a facial where extractions weren't part of the service. I had to resist the urge to jump up and use some of my amazing kickboxing moves on this woman. When I told her I wasn't going to pay an additional $25 for something I thought should already be a part of my service, she decided to tell me that all of her special exfoliation creme was now going to "go to waste....." 

I could seriously give this woman some lessons in client service and satisfaction at this point. First of all, don't treat your clients this way Miss Fancy Pants Facialist!  She eventually caved and did my extractions for free but I still won't go back there. Not a complete waste of $99 for a day at the spa with Angela, but that'll be a one time wonder for me there. Oh yeah and their spa snacks sucked too. 

Sorry to tell you Viceroy/Icon Brickell bozos, but the most pleasurable part of my spa day with you all were the McDonald's french fries that Angela and I shared on the ride home. Thank god for fast food. 

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