Tuesday, August 31, 2010

J'adore mousse au chocolat

It's started to become quite a habit that when Peter is out of town or busy for dinner that I find myself at Whole Foods. Being only five minutes from our house, it's become my place of choice when I don't know what to do for dinner. While the choices for my "main course" are usually different each time, salad bar, soups, empanadas, one thing remains consistent.... their chocolate mousse. Now being quite the etudiante francaise, I can be quite persnickity when it comes to the fluffy sugary, egg white delicacy. But let me tell you, Whole Foods' chocolate mousse cup is pretty spectacular. For $3.99, I can pretend I'm in a french brasserie enjoying one of the most standard of "french desserts" all while in the comfort of my home.

And as I'm writing this entry right now, my husband is walking in the door, and he's going to spot my treat.  And he is now currently eating it all...... :( Bye Bye mousse.

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