Tuesday, May 31, 2011

in the nude

I have a recent infatuation for nude colored platform sandals. I'm not one to often wear heels on the weekend, being that  I put my tootsies through five tortuous days in fabulous work heels during the week. So I usually give the feet a rest period on Saturday and Sunday and opt for flats....

I stumbled upon these amazing nude platforms a few weeks ago at Nordstrom and quickly purchased them up because I just knew knew knew I'd find a reason to wear them. They are amazingly tall and well built with a wooden stacked heel. And they're a mix of nude patent and suede (we know I'm a sucker for textures). Since I bought them, I've already worn them three times in two weeks and I absolutely adore them, and so does husband (which is another plus of course).

My main obsession with these platforms is that they make my legs seem to go on for mile (which they most obviously do not since I'm not a monstrously tall Brazilian model). They look superb paired with my casual silk shorts for date night, and they recently also completed my black tie ensemble for husband's work event.

In the end, a fabulous purchase. Made even more fabulous by the recent price adjustment Nordstrom gave me because they went on sale. Husband even more happy.....

Pelle Moda Winona Sandal

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DVF Fleurette Dress

First things first, no that is not me in the photo below. It's a quick pic I pirated from the Nordstrom website to show you the newest dress I've added to my collection. The DVF Fleurette Dress in the color Rosy. Love love.

I actually purchased this dress back in October of last year for a friend's Autumn wedding in Wisconsin. I bought it in navy then and since, I've already worn it three times. A spectacular purchase. Drapey, deep V neck and slightly longer in back, complete with dolman sleeves it's probably my most favorite dress in my closet. I remember wearing it to a Bat Mitzvah several months ago only to have my husband "fly" me around on the dance floor since he thought the sleeves resembled bat wings or something sketch like that. Men.

Back to my original point, SO this navy dress was my favorite dress in my closet until I saw it in its newest pinkish hue while perusing the Nordstrom Savvy rack this past Saturday. Argh, can one really own the same damn dress in two colors??? Is this wise???? Hmmm.....so I slept on it.

Hence, here are my brainiac conclusions which equalled a purchase on Sunday morning:

A. This dress is simply ahhhhmazing on and is probably the most flattering cut ever dreamt up by a designer.

B. When you find a style that you adore, buy it in every color.

C. If I ever decide to bust out a baby, this will work as a pregnancy dress.

D. Any type of dress or top that is ultimately drapey and oversized which allows for maximum eating potential while partying at a wedding or black tie event is key. Yeah, all you people in tight dresses know exactly what I'm talking about. No having to "suck it in" after stuffing your face with hors d'oeurves and a three course meal.

Good thing I have a wedding this weekend to wear it too, also a very good justification.

DVF Fleurette Dress courtesy of Nordstrom.com

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

homemade cannoli cream

Although I love love love cooking, I'm not so patient to be a baker, nor as gifted in the "pastry" area of the culinary experience. I find that most baking and delectable dessert creations require a higher degree of precision when it comes to measurements, temperatures, and the overall order of adding ingredients.

However, I did manage to find a most fabulous recipe which makes my dessert skills akin to that of a Michelin 3 Star. Eh, well maybe. I can brag about something can't I????

Anyway, I've been recently addicted to making homemade fresh cannoli filling and dolloping it on beautifully sliced fresh fruit. Sprinkle a few sliced almonds on top, and watch your guests smile.

It's simple.....just whole milk ricotta cheese, fresh whipping cream, powdered sugar, cinnamon, and I add vanilla extract for an extra touch. It's light and creamy, with the ricotta giving it that amazing texture.

Husband and I recently had a dinner party of 16 (yes that is extreme with the guest list, I know) and I felt bad serving store bought cookies for sweets. Amazingly I had come across this ridiculously easy cannoli filling recipe a few weeks earlier and had tested it out with the help of my husband's insatiable palate and the bounty of strawberry season. It was beyond the most perfect thing to serve to satisfy our sixteen guest's sweet tooths.....and it looks so pretty all served up and plated, which takes about 30 seconds. Now THAT deserves a gold star in the dinner party hostess hall of fame.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer whites

I'm a die hard fan of white blousey tops. For those of you who know me personally, no doubt you've seen my closet which is filled with silky, billowy, white drapey ensembles. I love white. And living in Florida, I'm blessed with year round fabulous weather (despite those blasted hurricanes, if they come) so wearing year round white is the norm for me.

My closet might have about 30+ white tops that venture between tanks to tunics and peasant looking sorts of thingys. And I love them all. A bit more partial to a few yes.....but doesn't that always happen with your favorites? Those select few that you hope you never ever ruin with a red wine stain.

When in doubt of something to wear out, being either a sangria date with a girlfriend or date night with the husband you'll usually find me in tight dark jeans and a flowy white top or a fabulous pair of fancy shorts and something silky, muted and pure on top.

White makes me feel clean, ethereal, angelic and calm. Maybe you should try the white route also.

A few of my currently online favorites.

Anthropologie's Cape Tee

Anthropologie's Peppered Poncho
*simply obsessed with this one*

Anthropologie's Drifting Away Top

J Crew's Silk Layering Tank

Monday, May 2, 2011

royal wedding

I find it quite ridiculous really that I somehow got sucked into all this British hoopla regarding the "royal wedding." But somewhere, in my little girl mind, it was a day of fairy tale magic. A day where all those bedtime stories I used to read transformed into reality, complete with even more pomp and pagentry than I could've ever imagined, courtesy of the Crown of course.

Now I wasn't around when Princess Diana and Charles married, so this was my first taste of a wedding that  two plus billion viewers watched....and it was positively spectacular in every way. While I didn't wake up at 4 am EST to watch it all live, I did manage to steal away a solid hour or two at the workplace streaming videos on CNN.com of the entire ceremony (Shhhh, don't tell). And I could've watched it all over and over again......And I did, when I came home that night, on all the evening news shows. Husband thought I'd basically lost my marbles and went crazy.

Kate's dress was perfect, her prince full of pride. Her sister looked equally stunning and all the other wedding guests in their hats and "fascinators" entertained as well. And just like all the other hopefuls that watched this fairy tale happen last Friday, I wish the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a happily ever after. Or I guess in William's words, "Mr and Mrs Wales"

*all photos courtesy of Getty Images