Friday, February 25, 2011


My Jo Malone bath oil sampler.

I bought this awesome collection with a gift card that I had from Nordstrom about a month ago. I'd first tried Jo Malone bath oil a few months back when my friend who works at Estee Lauder had brought me some to sample. Ever since, I've been obsessed. Not only do they make your skin super duper soft when you use them after a shower, but they also make your bubble baths simply sensual and scented too :)

Plus, the little bottles look gorgeous in my bathroom all lined up in front of our vanity mirror. I'm sure my husband is annoyed with my abundance of "product" that lies around. Oh the joys of being married to a wife who is a beauty product junkie.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Literary Genius

I'm not much of a reader. In fact, it takes a really good book to get me to sit still and open up a novel. I'm more of the magazine, online blog reader type. Usually there are two or three books sitting on or below my nightstand which have been half read or worse, nearly, but not quite. I lack follow through.


This book happened. I bought it on urge at Borders about 300 months ago. For real. I read about 45 pages in and lost (or never gained) interest. The Swedish names, the slow was enough to gain a few inches of dust to collect top of the cover before I ever opened it again.

It wasn't until I went to California last week did I need something for the lengthy plane trip and I thought I've give "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" a second try. All the people who had read it told me that the first 100 pages were beyond boring until you reached the real plot to the story.

I couldn't put it down. Freakishly freakish with a twist I wouldn't have ever guessed, this book is insanely fabulous. The characters are complex and compelling and the heroine is tatted up and pierced up alternative waif

A must read for anyone needing to regain a love of books.....

I'm already onto the second book of the series and only 30 pages in and I'm already hooked. No 100 page lag time on this one.

Happy page turning.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vitamin C

One amazing thing about Palm Springs Cali is the fact that the neighborhood where my parents live is filled with gorgeous citrus trees. Fruiting beyond belief I was shocked to see trees filled with so much yummy citrus growing in the Desert....

How awesome would it be to just walk outside your front door and say, "I'd like to make Ina Garten's Lemon Yogurt Cake" recipe here. And then just go out and pick some monstrous oversized lemons from the lemon tree IN YOUR FRONT YARD! Awesome. 

So being a hoarder, I couldn't stand the fact that I was leaving this Eden of Citrus, filled with grapefruits and lemons and tangelos on steroids dangling from trees. I would take some home, of course. 

So the day of my flight back to Miami, I filled a J. Crew shopping bag (duh) with a few dozen fruits. Lemons, tangelos and one grapefruit for me to take back to Florida as tasty souvenirs. When I got on my airplane the flight attendant looked at my overflowing J Crew bag of Vitamin C and asked me why I was bringing citrus to Florida.....

Some amazing pics of the fruit trees

Friday, February 11, 2011

California Dreaming

My husband and I are off to California tomorrow to go visit my parents in Palm Springs. Ah, the desert. A perfect retreat from the South Florida humidity. Although the plane ride is near dreadful, such a long haul, we are always excited to get there and venture around town.

One stop that is almost inevitable is the funky Parker Hotel. My sis got married here and it was fantastically fabulous (yes that is one adjective in Molly speak). The grounds are luxurious, filled with bonfire pits and places to wander. The bellman and valet workers are dressed in white pants and hot pink coats. And it's such a quirky, different place. A must visit for anyone who is in the area.....

Hopefully we'll have a chance to go sip on one of their adult lemonades by the pool?

The view at the Parker pool. Mountains and palm trees in the background.
Simply Surreal.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swimwear Obsession.

I adore swimsuits. Maybe this is because I live in Miami, but for some reason I always purchase a few every season to add to my already monstrous collection. I find that the more you have, the less ratty they become because you're in fact wearing them less......or maybe this is just what I tell myself to avoid being labeled as a "hoarder." I actually live in swimwear in the summer because we do a lot of boating, and travelling to the Keys and such.

Anyway, here a few of my favorite pics from perusing the incredible Other places that I enjoy buying large quantities of swimwear from to add to my stockpiles are: J Crew (when they don't offer old lady diaper bottoms) and Nic Del Mar (a fab boutique here in Coral Gables).

Here are some of my quick pics from Shopbop.

Insight Vacancy Bustier Bikini

Zimmerman Lyre Diamond Wire One-Piece

Cali Dreaming Twist Front Bandeau and Bottoms

DVF Krystle Coverup

Zimmermann Poppy Frill Bandeau Bikini

Red Carter Nature Girl Bikini

Mikoh Port Elizabeth Coverup Jumper

Monday, February 7, 2011

a little gift to myself.

Like I blogged about back late last year, I've been eyeing several pieces from Catherine Weitzman's lovely collections. 

My mother in law gave me the gorgeous and simple strawberry leaf necklace for Christmas this year. Ever since I received it, I've traded in my standard diamond cross necklace for my new Xmas goodie.  

Today I had one of those stressful "need to get this off my chest" hour long meetings with one of my bosses at work. Lots of things I needed to say which I finally was able to do like a grown-up "knows what she wants" type woman. SO, because I felt like such a big girl today, I've rewarded myself with a little new pressie.

Behold the Catherine Weitzman Ganesh necklace which I have just purchased!!!! Woooo!! Can't wait for my gift to myself to arrive via post. 

Sometimes you need to reward yourself for a job well done. My mom used to do it with Peanut Buster Parfaits at Dairy Queen. I, however prefer something a bit more tangible ;)

This fab necklace can be purchased here......Catherine Weitzman

Reward for a job well done.

Friday, February 4, 2011

More Madewell

I'm addicted. Totally. What is it with silk tops and sheer tees that I love so much? Seriously my closet is OVERFLOWING with white blousey tops, and silk drapey items in washed out colors, browns, ivories, pinks and blacks. Anything gauzy, flowing, and sensual and made for a beachy south florida lifestyle.

Ok, so maybe I should take the time to clear out the stuff I haven't worn in a while, and make room for all the spring frilly items which I WILL HAVE TO HAVE as soon as they are released on Shopbop, JCrew, Madewell and Banana Repub. Seriously counting down the days until Spring arrivals hit the stores, since I've already done significant damage to Resort 2011.

My Madewell shopping cart.

structured silk tank in black truffle.
flimsy and sheer yet ladylike all at once.

faded-stripe dolman tee in heather rock

silk-sleeve tee in pink sand
a comfy loungy tee dressed up in a tad of sexy silk.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

J.Crew Lovies

Currently on my J. Crew wish list (or I mean sitting in my online shopping cart).....waiting for that impulsive weakness when my credit card simply turns into a "magic card" and I buy more crap I don't need.

But I am so loving right now....

Amie Maxi Dress in Grey

Collection sequin chevron tank
*currently at the top of my wish list*

Silk serenade dress in Guava

Chiffon pouchette in Butterscotch

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lunch Date.

This past Saturday I had a leisurely lunch in the Grove at the Grove Isle Hotel's restaurant Gibraltar (fka Baleen).

I'd never been here before so I was excited to try it out. Not to mention I'd been having ridic cabin fever after my bout with the plague for the past two weeks. Also it was a gorgeous day with not a cloud in the sky, PERFECT for lunching on the patio and gazing out at Biscayne Bay.

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday? Entertaining conversation with a friend, a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a calamari salad with thai chili dressing, finished off with a big mug of cappuccino with sugary twizzle stick. Oh did I mention we also had the new J Crew February catalogue in tow so that we could analyze the new arrivals over our glasses of wine? What's more perfect? You tell me.

Could also double as a romantic date night.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Loving right now...

Avene Eau Thermal.

I bought this delectable beauty item this weekend while on excursion to the Key Biscayne Pharmacy with Dana. Not only am I obsessed with this local pharmacy that stocks awesome European beauty brands that you can find in regular pharmacies abroad, but they also stock other less mainstream products that would never be able to find at my local CVS.

My newest luxury, my spray Eau Thermal makes my skin feel simply fab after a facewash. I mist it on probably three times a day. In the morning, after my shower after work, and again right before bedtime. Now that I think about it, I should've bought two cannisters, because I'm obsessed already.  Even better, there is no icky smell, and after spraying it on I feel ultimately refreshed and my face feels soft and hydrated. You must try.

In case you can't venture to the Key pharmacy, try buying it at Even better, it's free shipping. ENJOY!