Friday, September 30, 2011

Miso Happy.

So so happy. It's Friday. You understand.

I'm also happy that I can seriously recreate one of my most favorite things to order at a fancy restaurant. Miso glazed seabass. That's right jokers, I played top chef this week. Casa de Molly is my new restaurant.

Ok, so it involved buying some pretty random face ingredients. Miso (scary), mirin (don't ask me where I located it) and sake (yes I was ID'ed at the check out for this). Lamo.

BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. So yummy. So insanely yummy. Husband was licking his chops like a tiger. Rawrrr....

And honestly, it really wasn't that difficult to make. I served it up with some ginger and garlic bok choy. I'll explain that one later.

Have a great weekend and cook something fun.

Recipe found here.

Yes this is what Miso looks like. SCARY. Like tar. Sick.
Eh, but it sure marinates well. 

Place the seabass into the marinade. For at least 2 hours.

Succulence at its finest.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

J. Crew Loves

I've been really good with the Crew in NOT buying absurd amounts of stuff from them.
I've been a little no likey with their late summer and early fall collections. Call it... "off of the Crewlade."

UNTIL....I got the October catalogue and lord almighty, I found some adorations. Mostly sequin, but also a few comfy cotton staples.

Here's what's on my J. Crew must buy list for now.

Velvet Crush Top

Dolman Sleeve Tee
I already have one, now I'm currently needing another.

Sequin Heathered Tee

Sequin Slouch Tee

Vintage Soiree Tee

Friday, September 23, 2011

To the Beach.

It's amazing how quickly a tan can fade. Just three weeks ago I was basking beachside at my grandparents' condo in Maui. Now I'm back in Miami.....with zero tan. So much work, only to disappear so so fast. Grrr.....

Well I guess not SO bad. Last night I came to Marco Island (aka West coast of Florida) for Husband's firm retreat.

Always a welcome getaway because not only is it a fun and relaxing weekend, but Marco Island is always gorgeous and low key. Plus the beach is huge and fabulous. Time to hunt for shells like a ten year old.

Have an amazing weekend. Get some sun.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


As we sadly approach the end of summer, I can't help but remind myself about how many times the heat really got to me and all I wanted was a frilly tropical drink.

Something sweet or fruity or decorated with an umbrella of sorts. Whatever worked. It was steamy and I needed refreshment.

During some of my summer travels I was particularly enthralled with a few of my choices.....mainly those in Hawaii. Yum yum. And cheers!

A lunch cocktail from Hali'imaile General Store.
Made with ginger and sugar and vodka.

Mai Tai.

Something tasty from Mama's Fish House. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Missoni Madhouse

Seriously HOW ON EARTH can a designer debut for Target be so damn stressful???? Tuesday was madness. In case you've been marooned on some other planet for the entire week and weren't aware, Missoni's Target line came out promptly Tuesday morning. And it sold out, promptly several hours later.

I, like the Mad Hatter of a shopper I am set my alarm for 6 am like a looney. Sadly, I pressed snooze. Damn.

However when I came to my senses exactly one hour later when I sprung out of my bed and took my laptop to the bathroom. Talk about multitasking at ungodly hours of the morning. Have you ever brushed your teeth, ironed your hair and applied makeup while tossing obscene amounts of Zig printed loot into your online shopping cart? Yeah, neither had I, until Tuesday September 13th.

All was going well, until Target's website crashed and burned promptly around 7:55 EST. Sad.

So I rushed to work and got online again. Roadblock.  Target website still in ruins.

I was having meltdown now. I called my sister. She was dodging her clients so she could haul ass to the Target store in the boonies of Kansas to grab all her Missoni presents. The text messaging started and continued between us well into and all during my morning meeting at work.  Have you ever explained to your boss that the world might end because the Target website was down and you couldn't get your grubby hands all all the Missoni stuff you'd been drooling over for 4 solid months? My boss replied... "Molly, I don't even know what this Missoni is that you are talking about." Forget it. Men, they simply don't understand.

Luckily Sister was able to score most of the items she wanted at the store early and she grabbed a few of the things I was heart attacking over. I managed to hack my way into the Target website around 10 am and quickly threw what else we both wanted back into my cart and checked out like a bat out of hell. I felt like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. The website was about to self destruct any minute.

I can't wait for this delivery next's what I got. Lucky I have a sister with a shopping problem also. Sisters unite!!! Smart phones come in handy too when dealing with mobs and down websites while working a 9 to 5.

Gold sweater shell

Zigzag coat for the Sister

Jar Candle. Yummy.

Gold Marled Infinity Scarf.
I WILL find a way to wear this in Miami.

Silk scarf.
The one piece that I'd have cardiac arrest if not purchased.
Luckily, Sister saved the day for me on this. Bought in store.
Sold out online promptly at 11 am.

Black v-neck sweater.
Will be perfect for work with the standard black pencil skirt.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I love ginger. In fact it's one of my favorite flowers. I even incorporated it into my wedding decor last love love.

When were at Mama's Fish House for dinner while we were in Maui, we were greeted with an insanely large and spectacular ginger arrangement just outside the hostess desk. I was instantly obsessed.

If only I could find this color ginger in Miami now. Sigh.

Monday, September 12, 2011


No I didn't win the Powerball, but this is nearly just as fab. I came home from Hawaii to find a monstrously heavy box in my mail pile. Awesome.

It was a super fun birthday gift from my city girlfriend Alex who is lucky enough to work in the beauty industry in NYC. Lucky her. Not only does she get to play with fancy pants products all day, she gets to have as many as she wants!!! This is a potential dream come true for people with hoarding complexes, meaning ME.

So I opened this awesome delivery and found myself in an explosion of La Mer and Jo Malone and Bobbi Brown. Lucky day. I nearly had heart attack at the sight of so many products galore. I felt like Scrooge McDuck from Disney's Ducktails swimming in a pile of money and coins. Except this time it was beauty products......I wanted to pop champagne.

So many other fun things to play with. Covergirl, Clinique, even some manly brand for Husband to use. I had to keep his paws off the La Mer. That's for my wrinkles only....

Best day.

Mr. Postman delivers awesome packages

Filled with an insane amount of goodies from Miss Alex who I miss so much.

So much funsies to play with. 


Friday, September 9, 2011

Tempura for One

Happy Friday!!! And congrats to me for making it through two days of the work week after getting back from my Polynesian vacation with Husband. Phew! I'm still on Maui time....

Apart from being whacked out time zone wise, and needing something to occupy my Thursday evening besides the primetime Obama bobble head bantering on about "job creation"blah blah, I needed something fried to fill my tummy. Husband was out last night for some lawyerly thing and obviously that was ticket to some fried goodness for dinner.

And being that we are going to attempt to do a "cleanse" after I get back from New Orleans next weekend in order to rid ourselves of all the Hawaiian tiki drinks and restaurant eatery ingredients clogging our arteries, this was my last time to binge without Husband's evil eye scolding my battered and fried shrimps bobbing away in the fryer. Holler. I am smart. Smart to cook these babies when he's out...

Don't limit tempura to your sushi restaurant outings. It's way easy to DIY. I just used the box tempura mix you can find in the baking aisle at the grocery.

If I can batter and fry while being a jetlagged zombie wishing I was still 6 times zones behind, then you can do it while in your correct timezone.

Next up to tempura.....all those lobster tails still sitting in the freezer. Bonus!





Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hawaii Hiatus

Yes I've been hiding out.

Hiding out reallllllllly far away from you. I needed a break. Husband and I needed to separate from Miami. So we came to Maui. Because it's only about 8,000 away. Eh, child's play. Simply to escape from the daily humdrum of worklife and bills. Only to accumulate more bills from excessive food and beveraging, 6 time zones away. It's awesome.

I'll be back soon enough. Chock full of amazing sunset pictures and overdone by drinks with orchids and umbrellas floating in them.

Vacations are so fun. We should fill life with more of them.

Now, back to eating sushi and playing bocci ball, while slathered up in Maui Babe browning lotion. I love smelling like Kona Coffee on the beach, don't you???

Dermatologist Dr. Cathy, here I come....

from our trip two years ago. thankfully I have my Nikon in tow this time.