Friday, January 28, 2011


Since I've been on deathbed for past 8 days,  my diet has consisted of soup, meds, water, over the counter meds, juice and inhaler.

I came home from work today finally starting to get my appetite back. And of course there is nothing delicious looking to snack on. Time to get creative, grrrrrrr.........

And in true french fashion, what's better than a crusty baguette and some olive oil and balsamic??? Yes I am indeed eating the leftover bread crusts from last night's dinner, but honestly what on earth is more nourishing than BREAD? Well, ok maybe mac and cheese and fettuccine Alfredo.....ok my mind is wandering. But in times of laziness and lack of ingredients, I made myself the perfect after work snacky poo.

So tasty and such a perfect treat. Grab yourself some crusty bread, your best EVOO, some balsamic vinegar and enjoy. If you feel like getting crazy throw some salt and pepper into  the mix....or if you're a complete loon maybe some rosemary? Yes I'm a dork and have rosemary in my herb garden outside.

Have a good weekend. XO.

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