Monday, June 13, 2011

yummmm blueberry pie.

I've been finding that the best therapy for my Sunday blues is cooking an amazing homemade dessert to get me through the week. Not only does making something from scratch keep you distracted as the Sunday evening winds down, but it allows for a little bit of sweetness and happy when I get home from work during the least until husband gets to it and eats the last slice.  Oh the joys of being married to an eater.

I made this Open Faced Blueberry Pie on Sunday since the blueberries at the store have been looking absolutely scrumptious. Oh I admit, the filling is homemade of course, but pie crust.....I mean who in their right mind has the time and patience to make pie crust from scratch????? Ugh. Hello FREEZER SECTION of the grocery for this. Thank god for modern conveniences for the modern yet "I still enjoy cooking" woman.

Ok, so it didn't turn out to slice into that perfect wedge like a true set pie would, but I'm not perfect.  I guess this is when you retitle it into a "cobbler" and throw it in a bowl??? And just throw some homemade freshly whipped cream on top of it and who the hell would care at that point if it didn't look like pie.

The recipe can be found here. And don't worry, it's suitable enough for the most novice of novices. Case and point; the freakin cornstarch wouldn't cooperate and got all gloppy on me. (Yes I own cornstarch). End of story.

the berries simmering on the stove for the filling
before the stupid cornstarch was added. blah.

yummers. pie/cobbler with my specialty whipped cream
and lemon zest on top.

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