Thursday, June 30, 2011

Homemade Rangoons

Do you crave Asian food? No? That's strange. Because I do. Like everyday. Really. It's a disease.

This past weekend the craving was so absurd I needed Rangoons. As in Crab Rangoons. The crispy fried kind that only the best chinese restaurants can put out. With the yummy creamy warm cream cheese and crab center. All wrapped in a crunchy artery clogging shell. Yum. Devine.

Since Miami is devoid of any normal legit Chinese restaurants near us, I forced husband to indulge in my Asian cravings for a homemade meal this saturday.

Yes, the Publix serves wonton wrappers. And yes I used imitation crab. And I fried them myself. Jealous? Is your mouth watering yet?

Husband not so much a fan of Chinese food, but after this amazing appetizer he's now obsessed like a happy buddha. And why wouldn't he be? It's only the best appetizer ever created.

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