Saturday, September 4, 2010

My so-called gym

I belong to a gym just down the street called Metropolis Fitness & Spa. I've been going there since it opened, about two years. Before this I've never had much to "gripe" about. BUT something has changed....let me explain. Recently a sister gym nearby fka Body and Soul closed its doors subsequently shifting all its ex-members, trainers, blah blah etc to my gym. Now consider this... I do not like going to the gym. Honestly the reason why I liked Metropolis so darn much was that it was never really that crowded. My classes were never packed, there were always fresh towels available, there were typically only two meatheads per 50 people, etc. Now ever since Body and Soul closed, there are 30,000 people belonging to our gym now, and no fresh towels, and the amount of meatheads (trainers and clients) has exponentially quadrupled. Ick. And also at the top of my list, is that the owner has now moved my kickboxing class to the "new" outdoor studio which is nothing more than a pile of cinder blocks and a great view of the parking lot.
So picture this.....I've been accustomed to working out in a nice air conditioned studio, with lights, great stereo system, mirrors (yes mirrors are important) and the like. NOW I have my classes outside in the 90 degree heat, with no lights, no music, and no mirrors. Hey if I wanted to work out in a garage, I wouldn't pay $107 per month to have a gym membership. Has my membership been downgraded???? Am I being punished for being a member since the gym opened??? Has the owner Pilar never heard of the term "grandfathered???" The reason why I'm so pissed about this is that now the new trainers get to have their new classes in the nice indoor studio, while banishing all the older classes at that time schedule to the blasted outdoor cinder block garage (grrr I mean studio) . Oh and did I mention that if I wanted to take these new classes, I could, but I'd have to pay an extra fee per class? Bottom line, this is BS. 

Dear Metropolis,
You've really angered a lot of the original members. In fact I guess they may have complained to you already, because you thought that email you sent to us (the original members) last week stating that we were important and valued would appease us. It did not. I'm giving you another week or two to sort things out, and then I'm complaining face to face, woman to woman.

Peace out,

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