Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oscar la la land

I might be one of the few people still left in our country that plants my bum firmly on my couch at 6 pm EST to watch Live on the Red Carpet before the Oscars begins. My husband wants to hurl, but I just love love LOVE to see all the magically fabulously stunning gowns. So this clearly makes up for the lack of intellectual stimulation I get from the ho hum interviewers asking bland boring questions. I drool over the dresses. Well....most of the time. There are a few darlings whose frocks I could care less about. But why mull over the lamos when I can praise my favorites of the evenings!

Nearly 5 days later and I'm still wishing I could see the Oscars all over again. Yes, I am one of those weirdos who is clearly obsessed with pretty princess gowns and three endless hours of an award show.

My favorite maidens of the evening.

Miss Ballerina Natalie in Rodarte

Black swan Mila gets girly in a patisserie-esque Elie Saab lace confection. 

Nothing beats a sparkly nude tone frothy looking creation by Marchesa

Adore Cate's pastel Givenchy. Obsessed with the haircut too.

My most favorite girl ever, in a liquid silver Calvin Klein, with a "take no prisoners" slit

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