Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Commoner to Royal

And he finally proposed.....

After all the hub bub and chatter about when a royal proposal would ever actually occur, it finally did. On a safari to Kenya no less. Now, really Wills??? Do you really think carrying around your mother's monster sapphire engagement ring in your "rucksack" for several weeks as you scamper across the safari is wise? Good thing he didn't lose it. How would the tabloids take that?

And then she became the royal fiance. Lucky girl, even if the future king of england is somewhat balding.

Will this be my generation's "Royal Wedding?" Will these nuptials be as watched throughout the world as Charles and Diana's were?

I can't wait. Dying to see what she'll wear and how many silly English hats will be donning the guestlist.

She did well......for a commoner. Cheers Kate!

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