Monday, November 22, 2010

Whiskey for Women

I think I like whiskey. Yes, I know it was something I never thought would come out of my, let me explain.

I had the good fortune of being invited by my friend Dana to a "Whiskey for Women" event held at the Ritz Calton Key Biscayne this past Friday. There was a woman there who worked for Johnny Walker and was trying to help promote whiskey as a drink that women could enjoy.

Besides sitting amongst the rest of the "Real Houswives of Key Biscayne" some who were more "doctored up" than others, I got to sip on some amazing mixed cocktails all made with whiskey. Dana and I each had a cocktail which was concocted of muddled raspberries, simple syrup, soda, basil leaves, and Johnny, all served elegantly in a martini glass. Yummy :) I was pleasantly surprised.

Then we all sat down and got to sample each of the Johnny Walker labels. Black, Red, Green, Gold and Blue. Surprisingly, the Gold was delectable and we were told it went well with desserts and was meant to be chilled. Of course the Blue was nice too, but maybe that was because they served this one to us in a miniature snifter (I'm such a sucker for presentation.) When we sipped the Red, they told us dip our strawberry in the black pepper on our plates and then try the Red. Interesting.....while not a fan of that particular label, the strawberry + pepper was an tasty unique snack.

I know in the past I've turned up my nose at this brown scary spirit, rightfully so. I always thought that brown liquor made you sicker, but maybe that was just the fact that all the college boys drank Johnny to extremes....

My place setting for the tasting. 

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