Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer whites

I'm a die hard fan of white blousey tops. For those of you who know me personally, no doubt you've seen my closet which is filled with silky, billowy, white drapey ensembles. I love white. And living in Florida, I'm blessed with year round fabulous weather (despite those blasted hurricanes, if they come) so wearing year round white is the norm for me.

My closet might have about 30+ white tops that venture between tanks to tunics and peasant looking sorts of thingys. And I love them all. A bit more partial to a few yes.....but doesn't that always happen with your favorites? Those select few that you hope you never ever ruin with a red wine stain.

When in doubt of something to wear out, being either a sangria date with a girlfriend or date night with the husband you'll usually find me in tight dark jeans and a flowy white top or a fabulous pair of fancy shorts and something silky, muted and pure on top.

White makes me feel clean, ethereal, angelic and calm. Maybe you should try the white route also.

A few of my currently online favorites.

Anthropologie's Cape Tee

Anthropologie's Peppered Poncho
*simply obsessed with this one*

Anthropologie's Drifting Away Top

J Crew's Silk Layering Tank

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