Tuesday, May 31, 2011

in the nude

I have a recent infatuation for nude colored platform sandals. I'm not one to often wear heels on the weekend, being that  I put my tootsies through five tortuous days in fabulous work heels during the week. So I usually give the feet a rest period on Saturday and Sunday and opt for flats....

I stumbled upon these amazing nude platforms a few weeks ago at Nordstrom and quickly purchased them up because I just knew knew knew I'd find a reason to wear them. They are amazingly tall and well built with a wooden stacked heel. And they're a mix of nude patent and suede (we know I'm a sucker for textures). Since I bought them, I've already worn them three times in two weeks and I absolutely adore them, and so does husband (which is another plus of course).

My main obsession with these platforms is that they make my legs seem to go on for mile (which they most obviously do not since I'm not a monstrously tall Brazilian model). They look superb paired with my casual silk shorts for date night, and they recently also completed my black tie ensemble for husband's work event.

In the end, a fabulous purchase. Made even more fabulous by the recent price adjustment Nordstrom gave me because they went on sale. Husband even more happy.....

Pelle Moda Winona Sandal

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