Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DVF Fleurette Dress

First things first, no that is not me in the photo below. It's a quick pic I pirated from the Nordstrom website to show you the newest dress I've added to my collection. The DVF Fleurette Dress in the color Rosy. Love love.

I actually purchased this dress back in October of last year for a friend's Autumn wedding in Wisconsin. I bought it in navy then and since, I've already worn it three times. A spectacular purchase. Drapey, deep V neck and slightly longer in back, complete with dolman sleeves it's probably my most favorite dress in my closet. I remember wearing it to a Bat Mitzvah several months ago only to have my husband "fly" me around on the dance floor since he thought the sleeves resembled bat wings or something sketch like that. Men.

Back to my original point, SO this navy dress was my favorite dress in my closet until I saw it in its newest pinkish hue while perusing the Nordstrom Savvy rack this past Saturday. Argh, can one really own the same damn dress in two colors??? Is this wise???? Hmmm.....so I slept on it.

Hence, here are my brainiac conclusions which equalled a purchase on Sunday morning:

A. This dress is simply ahhhhmazing on and is probably the most flattering cut ever dreamt up by a designer.

B. When you find a style that you adore, buy it in every color.

C. If I ever decide to bust out a baby, this will work as a pregnancy dress.

D. Any type of dress or top that is ultimately drapey and oversized which allows for maximum eating potential while partying at a wedding or black tie event is key. Yeah, all you people in tight dresses know exactly what I'm talking about. No having to "suck it in" after stuffing your face with hors d'oeurves and a three course meal.

Good thing I have a wedding this weekend to wear it too, also a very good justification.

DVF Fleurette Dress courtesy of Nordstrom.com

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