Monday, May 2, 2011

royal wedding

I find it quite ridiculous really that I somehow got sucked into all this British hoopla regarding the "royal wedding." But somewhere, in my little girl mind, it was a day of fairy tale magic. A day where all those bedtime stories I used to read transformed into reality, complete with even more pomp and pagentry than I could've ever imagined, courtesy of the Crown of course.

Now I wasn't around when Princess Diana and Charles married, so this was my first taste of a wedding that  two plus billion viewers watched....and it was positively spectacular in every way. While I didn't wake up at 4 am EST to watch it all live, I did manage to steal away a solid hour or two at the workplace streaming videos on of the entire ceremony (Shhhh, don't tell). And I could've watched it all over and over again......And I did, when I came home that night, on all the evening news shows. Husband thought I'd basically lost my marbles and went crazy.

Kate's dress was perfect, her prince full of pride. Her sister looked equally stunning and all the other wedding guests in their hats and "fascinators" entertained as well. And just like all the other hopefuls that watched this fairy tale happen last Friday, I wish the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a happily ever after. Or I guess in William's words, "Mr and Mrs Wales"

*all photos courtesy of Getty Images

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