Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Bok Choy

A few weeks ago when I dazzled the husband with my miso glazing skills I also broadened his veggie horizons by pairing the protein with some wondrous boy choy.

I think it's dubbed the Asian cabbage, somewhere I heard. And I'm too lazy to research this claim to make sure. Anyway, it's super easy and yummy to make.

Just mince some ginger (good for the tummy) and some garlic (not so good for the breath) and saute it all up with a little olive oil. Then place the baby bok choys in the pan and saute it all together until the leaves start to melt.

It genius. And so nice to add another veggie to your vocabulary.

Make sure you rinse them well.
 Lots of dirtiness hides in these babies.

I added a little broccoli and scallion to this batch too.

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