Monday, October 17, 2011

Sick day.

Today is gross outside. Rainy, icky, gloomy. It looks like October. Or....there is just a tropical low swarming out in the southern Gulf of Mexico inundating South Florida with rain. For days.

Luckily this past weekend husband and I ventured to Washington DC for my friend Erin's wedding. It was beautiful and the bride was stunning. The food and music and weather all were simply amazing. The perfect weekend for a very sweet friend of mine.

We had so much fun minus the recirculated air on the airplane which has made us sick now. Or maybe it was the dirty looking man in the window seat next to husband hacking away.....Bottom line, air travel grosses me out. And even three Airborne later, I'm still all icky, achy and stuffy. Sadface. Being sick is no fun.

Maybe if I can pull myself out of bed I will make this for lunch? Anything simmered in chicken broth seems appropriate.

Israeli couscous simmered in chicken broth.
With fresh cilantro and parmesan.

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