Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OMG the movie was about FB

I left the movie theater last night feeling content. For the first time in a long time, I saw a movie that was worth seeing (i.e. worth my $10.50). Behold the Social Network. I'd been dying to see this film since the previews came out a few months ago being that I am part of the "original" facebookers.....(remember when you actually had to have a school  email address ".edu" to join?) Oh the good 'ole days before they sold out to the general public.

The movie goes into detail about how manic Mark Zuckerberg started the database/social networking site while being an absolute nerd at Harvard. Emphasis on the NERD aspect. Whatever. However ugly the kid might've been, he was an absolute genius and computer nerd who managed to completely shut down the Harvard computer servers during a night of binge beer drinking and computer coding while building the site "" (where you rated the hotness of girls against each other).

The actors were phenomenal and believable. And the amount of screwing over each other was fascinating....It's amazing how litigious people can be over intellectual property even in their twenties. Beyond that, it's pitiful how dumb Harvard kids can be while signing incorporation documents only to see their beloved social network shares being diluted and diluted....

I found that I didn't want this movie to end. Was it that it narrated through an important and time-consuming part of my life? How many hours did I spend on facebook in college exactly??? Um, I plead the fifth.

At any rate, it was such a well done film, I would see it over and over again. Greed, betrayal, money, sex, it's all in there. All I can say is poor Eduardo.....just wait and see what happens to him. And get ready to laugh during the AE Pi Caribbean Night party. It's entertaining.....were there ANY girls there?

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