Thursday, October 21, 2010

SPOTTED! Pablo Escobar. In Wisconsin.

Alas, it is none other than one of Peter's notorious friends, after a wild night at Ricky and Dana's wedding reception! Clad in cheese hat and the groom's oversized Miami-esque shades, and possibly wearing pink socks, Victor looks amazingly like a certain cartel lord's twin. Was it all the drinks we had that night? Or just the unshaven appearance of Victor eating pizza, wings, and fried green beans while drinking out of the homemade "roadie" he crafted with the help of a very large butcher knife and Dasani water bottle?

It is quite possible that 90% of us at the Greenmill (Bar that is) post reception have this sexy photo in our phones. Victor at his finest, after he knighted Ricky with the cheese hat during his best man toast.

A humorous end to the weekend. And probably one of the loudest, most intoxicating (pun intended) parties to hit ever hit Eau Claire Wisconsin.

Thank you Ricky and Dana for having such a wild wedding weekend. We all had a blast, minus the fire alarms at 2 am at the hotel.

Greyhounds to go.

Some of the more "normal" guests at the wedding

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