Thursday, October 7, 2010


I had the fortunate experience of going out to dinner for one of my colleague's retirement at a fabulous new restaurant in Miami about two weeks ago. Zuma, at the Epic Hotel.

It. Was. Fabulous.

Zuma is a Japanese tapas type place, that also serves sushi and other interesting items. A few things I tried that I would've steered clear of otherwise sans my present company, were Uni (sea urchin roe, yes I know what you're thinking) and Tofu. Now this was the very first time I had tried tofu and I will say I was pleasantly surprised. Being from Kansas (aka a MEAT EATER), I had my reservations, but Steve (who's retirement we were celebrating and also an avante garde foodie) told me I wouldn't be disappointed. He was correct. Now I don't know where these chefs found this tofu to fry but it tasted amazing, the flavors were spectacular and the texture was like goat cheese......smooth and creamy. NOT how I thought tofu would be at all.

And the Uni (that mysterious looking sea urchin roe), well......let's be honest, it kinda smelled like low tide. And the fact that the membrane was around the roe, made me think I was eating some sort of intestine or something. But once again I was pleasantly surprised and was glad that I was finally branching out of my steak and potatoes ways.

Some other things we sampled (amongst the bottles and bottles of cold sake and wine we drank) were:

Seabass Sashimi with yuzu, truffle oil and salmon roe
Spicy Yellowtail roll with serrano pepper and wasabi mayo
Beef tenderloin with sesame, sweet chile and soy

A few other things worth mentioning: the ambiance was amazing, the service was outstanding, and the place was packed for a monday night! And apparently there is no recession in Miami, because this place was not cheap.

So far this is my favorite Asian/Japanese restaurant in Miami. And another plus.....I always love an eatery that switches out my white napkin for a black one since I'm wearing a black skirt. JACKPOT!

Visit Zuma online....

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