Monday, February 21, 2011

Literary Genius

I'm not much of a reader. In fact, it takes a really good book to get me to sit still and open up a novel. I'm more of the magazine, online blog reader type. Usually there are two or three books sitting on or below my nightstand which have been half read or worse, nearly, but not quite. I lack follow through.


This book happened. I bought it on urge at Borders about 300 months ago. For real. I read about 45 pages in and lost (or never gained) interest. The Swedish names, the slow was enough to gain a few inches of dust to collect top of the cover before I ever opened it again.

It wasn't until I went to California last week did I need something for the lengthy plane trip and I thought I've give "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" a second try. All the people who had read it told me that the first 100 pages were beyond boring until you reached the real plot to the story.

I couldn't put it down. Freakishly freakish with a twist I wouldn't have ever guessed, this book is insanely fabulous. The characters are complex and compelling and the heroine is tatted up and pierced up alternative waif

A must read for anyone needing to regain a love of books.....

I'm already onto the second book of the series and only 30 pages in and I'm already hooked. No 100 page lag time on this one.

Happy page turning.

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