Monday, April 25, 2011

happiness in a vase

I've decided that nothing speaks Spring more than a vase with some freshly cut flowers in it. Not only does it look pretty and clean in my bedroom and kitchen, but it also helps me make use of all the fabulous bud vases I received as wedding gifts.

Since yesterday was Easter, I was able to snag a few Easter lilies from the Church after the morning service. They look so sweet sitting in my Nambe bud vase in my kitchen.

And I spent a good twenty minutes outside in my mother-in-law's backyard yesterday clipping off a bunch fragrant gardenias from her monster sized gardenia bush. So jealous. I want one in our yard! They smell simply superb and the fragrance is addicting. I placed a bunch of them in a cereal bowl and another bunch in a bud vase. Twenty four hours later, my kitchen, bedroom and bathroom all smell like gardenia. I love it.

Plus just seeing these little tidbits of white flora in my house just makes me smile. I should get flowers for the house way more often.....

in the bedroom

in the bathroom

floating in the kitchen

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