Monday, July 25, 2011


I have a question. Or maybe a statement. Whatever. I need to know.

WHO decided it was a good idea to open a Five Guys burger franchise one block across from my gym? Some genius I tell ya. Some real genius. Someone who excelled in marketing in business school. Obviously it wasn't me. I'm the sucker on the other end of this wondrous strategy.

I die for their fries. In fact love them so much that I took a picture of them and I'm now spending several minutes talking to you about them. And you think you have problems.

And I love burning approximately 400 calories at the gym only to have my car go on autopilot over to the Five Guys so that I can consume 8,000 calories in animal product and fried potatoes. Swell.

Another question, who is the other genius who strategically opened the Jenny Craig office smack dab next to the Dunkin Donuts on US1 and 27th Avenue? They're all geniuses I'm convinced. And I'm not genius enough to stay away apparently.

If your Monday sucks, eat some fries.

Problems. Real problems. And they involve potatoes.

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