Friday, July 22, 2011


There is a nice man that sells fresh flowers in work parking garage every Friday. Roses, daisies, orchids, you get the picture. I never have cash. I mean I like NEVER have cash. It's a disease. Or as my parents always tell me, "not safe in case of emergency." Ha!

Well now that we are on the subject of emergencies, I came across one last Friday at the end of a rather annoying "just came back from vacay" hellish week at work. Orchids! Gorgeous light pink, blushing cut orchids. 12 stems in all. God. I WANTED. Wanted them so badly that I did a double take on my way to the parking garage elevator. Then, like some kind of miraculous omen, I realized that husband had remembered to go to the bank and get us cash that day before. Hallelujah. This was some emergency indeed. An emergency in need of such attention that I stopped my car on the way out of the garage to purchase these beauties while backing up all the exiting traffic out of the garage (not something you want to do at 5 pm on Friday if you want to continue to have friends at the workplace). Shame.

Happy Friday. Buy some flowers on your way home from work today. I declare it an emergency you do so.

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