Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let us eat cake

The husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past Sunday, hence the hiatus again from posting. We were on a boating excursion deep into the Bahamas for about 8 days and I finally got that much needed tan I was craving.

When we arrived back at home on Sunday I promptly took out our wedding cake topper from the freezer and began the thawing process. Although I was a bit weary of how our year old cake would taste, I am one for superstitions, and apparently you HAVE to take a bit of your wedding cake on your first anniversary or else your marriage is doomed. Sadface. So we ate the damn cake. Freezer burn and all.

It wasn't quite preserved properly for its year in our freezer section, and the white buttercream showed that for sure. Blech. It was nasty. The cake....was ok, and it still had some resemblance of its key lime flavor. So husband and I each eat ate a slice, his of course twice the size of mine. This is usually the case with our portions, even if the what we're eating tastes like it was found in the garbage 3 years ago. He will still double up. And this is one of the quirks I love about him.

Hopefully we will be blessed with years of good luck and happiness since I monopolized 1/4 of my entire freezer space for the past year by storing this dessert.  Cheers.

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