Monday, September 12, 2011


No I didn't win the Powerball, but this is nearly just as fab. I came home from Hawaii to find a monstrously heavy box in my mail pile. Awesome.

It was a super fun birthday gift from my city girlfriend Alex who is lucky enough to work in the beauty industry in NYC. Lucky her. Not only does she get to play with fancy pants products all day, she gets to have as many as she wants!!! This is a potential dream come true for people with hoarding complexes, meaning ME.

So I opened this awesome delivery and found myself in an explosion of La Mer and Jo Malone and Bobbi Brown. Lucky day. I nearly had heart attack at the sight of so many products galore. I felt like Scrooge McDuck from Disney's Ducktails swimming in a pile of money and coins. Except this time it was beauty products......I wanted to pop champagne.

So many other fun things to play with. Covergirl, Clinique, even some manly brand for Husband to use. I had to keep his paws off the La Mer. That's for my wrinkles only....

Best day.

Mr. Postman delivers awesome packages

Filled with an insane amount of goodies from Miss Alex who I miss so much.

So much funsies to play with. 


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