Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hawaii Hiatus

Yes I've been hiding out.

Hiding out reallllllllly far away from you. I needed a break. Husband and I needed to separate from Miami. So we came to Maui. Because it's only about 8,000 away. Eh, child's play. Simply to escape from the daily humdrum of worklife and bills. Only to accumulate more bills from excessive food and beveraging, 6 time zones away. It's awesome.

I'll be back soon enough. Chock full of amazing sunset pictures and overdone by drinks with orchids and umbrellas floating in them.

Vacations are so fun. We should fill life with more of them.

Now, back to eating sushi and playing bocci ball, while slathered up in Maui Babe browning lotion. I love smelling like Kona Coffee on the beach, don't you???

Dermatologist Dr. Cathy, here I come....

from our trip two years ago. thankfully I have my Nikon in tow this time.

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