Friday, September 9, 2011

Tempura for One

Happy Friday!!! And congrats to me for making it through two days of the work week after getting back from my Polynesian vacation with Husband. Phew! I'm still on Maui time....

Apart from being whacked out time zone wise, and needing something to occupy my Thursday evening besides the primetime Obama bobble head bantering on about "job creation"blah blah, I needed something fried to fill my tummy. Husband was out last night for some lawyerly thing and obviously that was ticket to some fried goodness for dinner.

And being that we are going to attempt to do a "cleanse" after I get back from New Orleans next weekend in order to rid ourselves of all the Hawaiian tiki drinks and restaurant eatery ingredients clogging our arteries, this was my last time to binge without Husband's evil eye scolding my battered and fried shrimps bobbing away in the fryer. Holler. I am smart. Smart to cook these babies when he's out...

Don't limit tempura to your sushi restaurant outings. It's way easy to DIY. I just used the box tempura mix you can find in the baking aisle at the grocery.

If I can batter and fry while being a jetlagged zombie wishing I was still 6 times zones behind, then you can do it while in your correct timezone.

Next up to tempura.....all those lobster tails still sitting in the freezer. Bonus!





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