Friday, September 16, 2011

Missoni Madhouse

Seriously HOW ON EARTH can a designer debut for Target be so damn stressful???? Tuesday was madness. In case you've been marooned on some other planet for the entire week and weren't aware, Missoni's Target line came out promptly Tuesday morning. And it sold out, promptly several hours later.

I, like the Mad Hatter of a shopper I am set my alarm for 6 am like a looney. Sadly, I pressed snooze. Damn.

However when I came to my senses exactly one hour later when I sprung out of my bed and took my laptop to the bathroom. Talk about multitasking at ungodly hours of the morning. Have you ever brushed your teeth, ironed your hair and applied makeup while tossing obscene amounts of Zig printed loot into your online shopping cart? Yeah, neither had I, until Tuesday September 13th.

All was going well, until Target's website crashed and burned promptly around 7:55 EST. Sad.

So I rushed to work and got online again. Roadblock.  Target website still in ruins.

I was having meltdown now. I called my sister. She was dodging her clients so she could haul ass to the Target store in the boonies of Kansas to grab all her Missoni presents. The text messaging started and continued between us well into and all during my morning meeting at work.  Have you ever explained to your boss that the world might end because the Target website was down and you couldn't get your grubby hands all all the Missoni stuff you'd been drooling over for 4 solid months? My boss replied... "Molly, I don't even know what this Missoni is that you are talking about." Forget it. Men, they simply don't understand.

Luckily Sister was able to score most of the items she wanted at the store early and she grabbed a few of the things I was heart attacking over. I managed to hack my way into the Target website around 10 am and quickly threw what else we both wanted back into my cart and checked out like a bat out of hell. I felt like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. The website was about to self destruct any minute.

I can't wait for this delivery next's what I got. Lucky I have a sister with a shopping problem also. Sisters unite!!! Smart phones come in handy too when dealing with mobs and down websites while working a 9 to 5.

Gold sweater shell

Zigzag coat for the Sister

Jar Candle. Yummy.

Gold Marled Infinity Scarf.
I WILL find a way to wear this in Miami.

Silk scarf.
The one piece that I'd have cardiac arrest if not purchased.
Luckily, Sister saved the day for me on this. Bought in store.
Sold out online promptly at 11 am.

Black v-neck sweater.
Will be perfect for work with the standard black pencil skirt.

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