Friday, September 30, 2011

Miso Happy.

So so happy. It's Friday. You understand.

I'm also happy that I can seriously recreate one of my most favorite things to order at a fancy restaurant. Miso glazed seabass. That's right jokers, I played top chef this week. Casa de Molly is my new restaurant.

Ok, so it involved buying some pretty random face ingredients. Miso (scary), mirin (don't ask me where I located it) and sake (yes I was ID'ed at the check out for this). Lamo.

BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. So yummy. So insanely yummy. Husband was licking his chops like a tiger. Rawrrr....

And honestly, it really wasn't that difficult to make. I served it up with some ginger and garlic bok choy. I'll explain that one later.

Have a great weekend and cook something fun.

Recipe found here.

Yes this is what Miso looks like. SCARY. Like tar. Sick.
Eh, but it sure marinates well. 

Place the seabass into the marinade. For at least 2 hours.

Succulence at its finest.

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