Sunday, September 19, 2010


It is my favorite restaurant in Miami. And if you haven't been there you've been missing out. We had dinner there last night with some friends, and as always, it food did not disappoint. Where else can you go and find such yummies on the menu such as: yellow jack, mutton snapper, hog fish ceviche???? Sound just like "some other fish" to you? Well, let me explain. Most restaurants don't serve these types of fish. Sure you go somewhere and you can always find a snapper, a grouper, mahi, but you can't always find jack, hog or mackeral on the menu. The very first time we went there, on the menu that night was hogfish, triple tail, jack, and tilefish. My husband was astonished. It's hard to really explain, but you don't see all these fish together on ONE menu. Altamar is known for serving up exotic fish.

We ordered the raw sampler for an appetizer. I adore their scallop ceviche. Usually they make with with the Meyer lemon and blood orange and it is simply spectacular. On the bottom left is the hog fish ceviche made with lemon and asian pear.

Also I miss the old Altamar before they expanded into a larger space and made it more "south beachy," their food hasn't changed. It is still the best seafood restaurant in Miami.

Go there.


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