Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lobster Assassins!

I love long weekends......especially ones that involve boating, sunshine and cocktails. This past weekend Peter and I went down to Ocean Reef to relax. On Monday, my friend Katie came down with her boyfriend and her dad and took us out for a lobstering excursion. Bottom line, I love killing lobsters. Well, actually we all love killing lobsters. They might possibly be the dumbest creatures of the ocean because we catch a lot. I'm still learning, I've only been out lobstering about five times now, but I've found that "tickling" and "netting" these spiny creatures is SO FUN! First of all you see their tentacles or feelers sticking out of a hole or under a rock. Then you take your tickle stick and tickler behind their behinds (yes, I know it sounds a little sexual) to coax them out from their hiding spot. Then you throw the net on them! CAPTURED! Voila! But you have to accomplish this all while holding your breath......ehhhh not so simple now...

Anyway enjoy the pics and please be jealous of our catch, because I just had some for dinner tonight :)

lobster killers
the fruits of our labor.

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