Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Greek Salad

There are some recipes that are almost too easy that it's a joke why I don't make them more often...

One of my previous "go to" salads was this beautifully bluntly chopped raw Greek salad. So easy, so tasty and so colorful. It's great for impromptu dinner parties and will dazzle your guests with its bold, bright colors, yet it's perfect for those cozy dinners at home with the husband (but he always asks for extra feta, so beware).

Roughly chop a couple ripe tomatoes, peel and chunk up a cucumber and then cut up a sweet onion into medium to small pieces. Mix all these veggies up in a big bowl and drizzle some amazing olive oil over it all. Shake a little sea salt on it and then pour a couple of spoonfuls of good white wine vinegar on top. Toss and then lay a couple of freshly sliced feta cheese pieces over the top. I only buy the chunk feta, never the crumbles, it just doesn't taste that good. Lastly crack some pepper over it all and finis! 

I guarantee complements. It also works as a great quick healthy lunch too. Imagine the possibilities!

The colors are gorgeous

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