Saturday, April 16, 2011

In my shopping cart

One of those rainy Saturdays right now and the blasted satellite dish is out. I'm quickly running out of things to occupy my time. Snacking, done. Updating iTunes, done. Mani pedi, also done.

These are the types of days that get could potentially get me into trouble with the online shopping. Plus husband is stuck at the yacht club preparing for some manly fishing tournament tomorrow. Hence, no one to stop me with the purchasing. :)

But, I'll be good. Just looking today. Tomorrow might be a whole different story.

Here's what's currently in my shopping cart.

Laguito Blouse. Perfect for wearing slightly off the shoulder.
Oh la la.

Aurora Tank. Super soft and made of silk.
I adore.

Mirrored Waves Top.
Slubby cotton AND sequins. Jackpot.

Double Braided Belt.
Skinny and neutral. Perfect for belting blousey dresses.

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