Thursday, April 7, 2011


I might not be able to keep many things alive (fish, herbs, hamsters back in the day) but recently I've found my extreme talent at growing orchids...

 This flora fabulousness made its way into my skill set when I was visiting my wedding florist last year. My wedding florist had an entire orchid graveyard in her workroom where she had snipped off all the gorgeous blooms for centerpieces the weekend before. As I was walking out the door she asked if I wanted to take any of these castoffs as they would continue to bloom the following year if I took care of them.

And behold, I am the QUEEN OF ORCHIDS now. Kind of like the "Queen of Hearts" character in Alice in Wonderland, but way better of course.

I tied all the dormant orchids to the palm tree that grows in husband's and my courtyard and despite their unpleasant ugliness without blooms during the winter, these babies sprout the most dazzling blooms this time of year.....

Poof! Our courtyard has been turned into a tropical orchid wonderland and I'm proud of my pretty orchids and I probably brag about them more than I should. But hey, what are blogs for? Obviously when I've worn out my bragging rights with my other friends.

Enjoy the pics.

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