Monday, April 4, 2011

Peacock on my roof

Nothing like having your amazingly well home cooked dinner being interrupted by an irritating and unnerving bird call. Correction, I think it was a mating call.

Husband and I could not figure out what the strange noise was coming from outside our courtyard, until he hopped up and went outside to investigate. And there, standing on top of our old Spanish tile roof was the tomcat of peacocks in all his feathered glory, honking and squawking for a woman friend. Sweet.

We attempted to capture Mr. Peacock with our blackberry camera. We aren't the greatest photographers obviously, but there really is nothing like seeing a large bird on top of your roof hoping to find a "lover bird."

And then he flew off awkwardly over the palm trees. Interesting. Back to dinner then.

If you have 20/20 vision you might be able to see the peacock
standing in between our two sky lights
*time to invest in a better camera for all these shenanigans*

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