Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday wishes

Yesterday was my birthday. My 28th to be exact. And while I'm not really a "birthday person," I did kind of love the little unexpected sweet wishes that came my way during the day.

More importantly, I was greeted at my desk by a monstrous Starbucks bag overflowing with Majorca Sweetbreads from my friend Chris.

If you haven't indulged in these so called Starbucks Sweetbreads, whoa are you missing out. Like BIG TIME. Sugared dough baked then covered with powdered sugar. Sinful. Heavenly. Oh sweet addiction, you've got me!

My friend Chris knows I'm addicted to this pastry and poor him, he's usually the innocent bystander victim when I arrive at the Starbucks too late in the afternoon when there are none left and I have a near nuclear meltdown in the Starbucks queue....daily.

Did I mention that I love Majorca Sweetbreads?

And happy Friday...... we're celebrating with a large dinner party and champagne tonight. Probably not smart considering we are flying to Maui tomorrow at 11 am. Husband and I totally overbook ourselves. And we love it. And I'm fueled by Majorca Sweetbreads apparently.

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