Friday, August 5, 2011

Anniversary Dinner

Ocean Reef, the place where we got married last July offered to give us a first anniversary dinner this past weekend. Their catering department puts together a private two person table and serves your wedding menu that you had the year before. Oh and there is champagne too. What would an anniversary dinner be without bubbly???? Eh, probably not as fun.

The best part was that they served us all our passed hors d'oeurves too. Since we were too busy snapping photos for the wedding album a year ago, we didn't get to experience the fabulous cocktail hour that all our guests got to partake in. Sadface.

And another nice surprise, when we got to our private dinner, there were TWO bottles of champagne in the bucket. Holler! Or should we say, Baller! Turns out some of my parents friends knew about our private din din and had sent us a surprise bottle numero dos. For a good time of course.

Happy Friday. Maybe you should indulge in some bubbly tonight? If you're not a drinker, maybe a bubbly bath????

our personal menu for the evening

salad course

nibbles that were served during our cocktail hour


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