Monday, August 15, 2011

Bahamas Photo Journal

Even though it was well over a month ago since our Bahamas trip, I'm still wistfully thinking about how much conch and rum I indulged in. When in Rome....

While we usually just take our boat straight over to Bimini, Bahamas, just a mere 50 miles from Miami, we decided this year to spend God knows how much on fuel and take the two day boat trip over to the Abacos which are due east of West Palm Beach. All in, we took our little boat about 200 nautical miles from Miami. Risky with only one engine, but the rewards were sweet when I got to frisk about on a beautiful pinkish sanded beach for about 8 days. Heaven, after the hell of 6 to 8 foot seas during our Gulf stream crossing. Yes I did have to ask husband where the life preservers were....just in case.

Because we all know I avidly hate Mondays. Let's have fun reminiscing about a location where I'd much rather be.

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