Friday, August 19, 2011

Hippie Style for Cocktails

I met a friend for free champagne night at Greenstreet in the Grove a week or two ago. It's a usual favorite. Bubbly in the boiling Miami heat. What could be more fun. Seriously. It's pretty damn fab.

Usually I have to peel myself off the couch on a Friday after work in order to have cocktails unless I head out for Happy Hour RIGHT after work. Unfortunately my 4:59'er attitude doesn't quite match up with my CPA friend's work schedule. Workaholics. Please.

In order to get myself giddy again after sitting in traffic and then watching the 5:30 evening news (which was no less chock full of the day's shootings and impending hurricane paths), I decided to put on a fun outfit.

Being that it is currently 300 degrees in Miami during August, I opted for all cotton. You know, the fabric of our lives. Hippie style in my Free People apricot shorts and Joie peasant top. Oooooh floaty. Just like how I felt after taking down 3 glasses of bubbly.....yummy.

It's Friday. Get floaty however you like to.

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