Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday week

In anticipation of this being a very promising week, I thought I'd buy some flowers to start it all off. Why promising you ask???? Well, if I MUST tell you....

1. It's my birthday week. And as I creep closer to that 30 year mark (and NO I AM NOT 30 yet!)....I've realized that life has been pretty good to me.

2. I started my Sunday off with a fabulous facial at the fabulous Canyon Ranch Miami Spa with my friend Angela. And yes, I used fabulous twice in the same sentence. Get used to it.

3. And I am running off to Maui come Saturday with husband for 9 much needed days of pineapple, sunsets and  insanely large meals since we are overworked gluttons. Fab times three. And did I mention we're going First Class like silly looking honeymooners? Yes I had many many garbage American Gangster Airlines miles in my arsenal and I used them wisely I'll say.....

Hmm, sounds like this is the first Monday in years that I've been giddy. Another fabulous.

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