Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spinach Chips

Wednesdays are pretty mundane. So is spinach. Don't you agree?

I had a random bag of spinach in my fridge. Part of those many gifts my mom brings to Miami when she leaves town for a few weeks. Aka cleaning out her fridge with perishable crap and then unloading it on me.  A fascinating strategy. Apparently we don't get rid of anything in our family, we just pawn it off on someone else instead. Regift much?

So I turned lemons into lemonade. Well, not quite. I mean I turned that icky boring old spinach into wondrous spinach chips. Chiiiiiiips. Yum.

Healthy chips. In the oven. Super easy. Even you can do it. That's right Popeye. Get rid of that spinach.

Follow this recipe here if you're interested. The key is lining your cookie sheet with parchment paper. Otherwise, you'll still be peeling spinach off the pan come Friday. And that's NOT how we want to ring in the weekend is it?

Tissue paper thin. They melt on your tongue.
I had to tell Husband to restrain himself.
Because this entire bowl would've disappeared in 0.3 seconds.

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