Monday, August 1, 2011

Lettuce Wraps

Do you love PF Chang's? I adore it. In fact I love it so much, that I even fell victim to food poisoning there, yet I still went back. Yes, it must be true love, or an abusive relationship if you count the poisoning incident from Mongolian Beef.....

Ok, so I still eat their Mongolian Beef. It's fab. But you know what's even more fab? Their Lettuce Wraps. Fab times two.

But what's fab times three, is the fact that I can make them at home now!!!!! YAAAAAAY! Chef Little Lady Molly can make Chang's Lettuce Wraps! Here's the secret recipe I use ----- click here!

Rule #1 - omit the "special sauce." First rules of Molly cooking, omit things that have more than ten ingredients just to make a freaking sauce. Come on people, I do have a day job here. I can't spend 30 minutes blending 15 different teaspoons of crap just to make a measly dipping sauce.

Rule #2 - don't use iceberg lettuce. It cracks and all the yummy chicken stir fry falls out onto your plate. Or onto the floor, if you eat like my husband. Annoying. Use Boston Lettuce. You know, the kind that boasts on its label at the grocery store "It's alive." Like, they claim that the lettuce is actually still alive. Random marketing.  BUT, bottom line, this lettuce is the wiser choice.

Okay. So make these. They are yummy. Better than Chang's themselves, because they aren't as salty. And you don't risk food poisoning. Unless you're just an idiot in the kitchen with your poultry and then in that case, you shouldn't be cooking at all.....

I like green onions better than using regular onions. Plus they look so pretty when all chopped.

So wonderfully tasty you don't even know. So you should make them. Now.

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  1. i'm OBSESSED with PF changs chicken wraps. I could eat two orders easily!

    PS my lipstick is MAC "something new!"