Friday, August 12, 2011

Some More's

Do you ever run around like a chicken with your head cut off? Especially when it comes to finding JUMBO marshmallows??

God I have problems, yet again. I found this recipe here on this blog I read everyday, called How Sweet It Is. You need to convert.  It looked like such a fun, whimsical dessert, that I needed to duplicate it. Right that minute. Except I couldn't find the dang jumbo mallows. Three grocery stores that Sunday. THREE. Husband wanted to tackle me in the candy aisle after Store #3 because the stupid marshmallows were there all along, all I had to do was ask someone. Right on the freakin bottom shelf. Since WHEN were marshmallows considered part the candy food group?? Shouldn't they be safely nestled in the baking aisle, all snuggily right next to the coconut and jar of icky marshmallow fluff? I confused.

So anyway, after a Sunday of touring Publix, Milams and Winn Dixie.....I made these. And they were fab. Until I tried to cart them down to the Keys for the weekend in my overheated car, and they fell off the plate, and onto the parking lot, all melted, because it was 300 degrees outside. I promptly scooped them up and put them back onto the plate, asphalt crusts and all and then served them to my parents and husband. 3 second rule.

Happy Friday.

Wonka style

Before they got jacked by the parking lot

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